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Snow Foam Lance

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Zautos Automotive Snow Foam Lance 

Our snow foam lance produces thick foam and works perfectly with most pressure washer models!

Parcel contents:

1.  Snow foam lance body, Max 160bar/ 2320psi

2.  0.6 Litre bottle, marked with volume calibration line

3.  Pick up tube

4.  Chosen adapter

5.  PTFE sealing tape


Important Notice:

Please select suitable adapter for your pressure washer. Please check adapter size and make sure it fits your machine .  If you are not clear, please contact us, and send us the photo of your gun and lance, we will help to choose the suitable adapter.

Optional Adapters (Please see the dimensions for reference below):

A.For Karcher K-Series pressure washer (Adapter material: Metal);

B.For Karcher K-Series pressure washer (Adapter material: Plastic);

C.For AR Blue Clean/ Black Decker / Michelin / some of Interskol/ some of Greenworks/ Makita /  Mac Allister / Most of Bosch pressure washer;

D.For Elitech/ Some of Interskol / YILI / Some of Huter/ Some of Patriot/ Daewoo/ Bort / Pressure Joe / Sun Joe pressure washer;

E.For Nilfisk / STIHL / HUSQVARNA / Gerni / Some of Greenworks pressure washer;

F.For Lavor /  Some of Hammer Flex / some of Interskol / Sterwins / Vax / some of Champion / Craftsman / Briggs stratton pressure washer;

G.For some of Huter / Anlu / Kolner pressure washer;

H.For some of Bosch (old) / Greenworks US / Husky / Portland / Some of Hammer Flex pressure washer;

I.For Kranzle / BOSCH GHP / Water gun with M22-Female pressure washer;

J.1/4" Quick Plug, which is a popular connector in Northen America.