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Wheel Cleaning Brush

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Our soft microfiber wheel cleaning brush ensures your wheels are cleaned safely without scratching the surface and efficiently, allowing you to clean the barrel easily.  We understand that cleaning wheels are always the most difficult part when washing your pride and joy,  and this product will make the process much easier and quicker.

Available in two colors shop today at Zautos Automotive.

1.The soft microfiber can provide you with edge-friendly applications. The protective cover and soft handle also ensure that the car is clean and worry-free.

2.Cleaning the edge of the deep bed-Because the 42 cm long rim cleaning brush has a unique full length, it is no longer a problem to clean aluminum rims even with a deep rim bed.

3.Multipurpose-Due to its special shape, the long-side brush is suitable for many types of spokes and rims. The very narrow space of 3 cm is no longer a problem.

4.Excellent professional quality-high-quality rim brush is specially developed for car maintenance, the purpose is to achieve professional rim cleaning on high-quality rims.

5.Very suitable for cleaning spokes, grilles, spokes, door jams, cleaning between engine areas and other narrow locations.

Package Including:
1pc Tire brush